About the reading group


The HE Professionals Reading Group launched in December 2021 and aims to:

  • To facilitate debate, critical analysis on current HE issues;
  • To share reflective practice frameworks and their implementation for deeper thinking;
  • To expand professional networks across the HE sector;
  • To raise awareness of current issues effecting the HE sector and similar challenges that HEI’s face;
  • To share best practice and ways of working.



What to expect

The general format is outlined as follows:

  • The reading group agrees on a particular subject or theme to address.
  • One or two people volunteer to each prepare a short presentation to the group on the agreed topic, referencing articles and published research in relation to the HE sector.
  • Relevant links and articles are circulated in advance of the group meeting (although the point of the group is that no prereading is required for attendees).
  • Key aims include developing reflective skills, facilitating debate, critical analysis and keeping up to date with current thinking and issues within the HE sector.

The reading group is an open forum to colleagues from across UK institutions and sessions will be held online to increase accessibility for all.



Why get involved?

It’s rare in our working day that we get time to reflect on what we do and the wider context of our roles in HE. The HE Professionals Reading Group gives attendees the opportunity to discuss the most up to date ideas on issues that effect the sector and a forum for peers to discuss their own experiences and best practice.

For those who are interested in presenting to the reading group, it will be an excellent opportunity to practice your presentation skills, critical analysis and understanding of the wider HE sector in the UK.

AUA Professional BehaviousParticipation in the HE Professionals Reading Group should demonstrate the following professional behavious, which are taken from the AUA CPD Framework:

  • Finding solutions
  • Engaging with the wider context
  • Developing self and others

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